Math Lessons for the Elementary Grades

Dorothy Harrer


New revised and reorganized by grade - excerpts from Steiner's lectures added

Covers Grades 1-6



After far too many years out-of-print, Dorothy Harrer’s beloved Math Lessons is again available – and this edition is even better than the original. Now all of the lessons have been organized by grade and proofread by expert mathematics teachers. Additionally, there are wonderful excerpts from Steiner that have been added; each of them beautifully illuminates the approach you’ll find in this book. Overall, this is a book to love and rely on – it is filled with joyful potency.


  • Excerpts from Rudolf Steiner
  • Some thoughts in relation to arithematic teaching
  • Numbers and the four processes in First Grade
    • Numbers
    • The number three
    • Two, four, and eight
    • One through five
    • Six
    • Sums
    • We are all one whole class
    • Gnomes and jewels The four processes
    • The family that became one person
  • A selection of lessons for the Second Grade
    • The richest number
    • Big smoke and little flame
    • Two shapes
    • The king’s advisors
    • A number story for the sixth table
    • The giant who counted with his feet
  • A selection for lessons for the third grade
    • Big brother and little sister
    • Plus-Times and Minus-Divideby
    • Early measures
  • A selection of lessons for the fourth grade
    • The numbers workers
    • Riddle
    • Have an apple!
    • The tens as helpers
    • A selection of lessons for the fifth grade
    • History of numbers
    • The story of Pythagoras
  • A selection of lessons for the sixth grade
    • The decimal system
    • Percent means per hundred
    • What is a mill?
    • Fractional percents
    • Introduction to interest
    • More matters of interest
    • This year? Next year? Some time?
    • Simple interest and compound interest
    • Commission
    • Taxes
    • Ratio equivalents

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