Mathematics Lessons for the Sixth Grade

Ernst Schuberth



To accompany the outstanding mathematics curricula of Jamie York, we are pleased to add Dr. Ernst Schuberth’s approach, which we think you will find quite complimentary to the Making Math Meaningful series. Dr. Schuberth is a German Waldorf teacher of many years experience, and is one of the leaders in the field of education. His approach to teaching mathematics is European, not American, which means you will find less hands-on and more theory. I have always believed that if there were some way to synthesize the European educational perspective with that of the American, we’d have something approaching the best possible education for our children. With both Making Math Meaningful and Mathematics Lessons for Sixth Grade, you can create your own synthesis. Our advice to Americans would be to rely on Making Math Meaningful for the base of the education, and add perspectives from Dr. Schuberth when the student shows and interest and you sense an opening.

Dr. Schuberth provides an overview of the Waldorf elementary mathematics curriculum and provides a thorough presentation on the sixth grade where banking formulae, interest calculation, and elementary economics are considered. The book has weekly lesson plans, many problems, and solutions.

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