Genesis of a Waldorf High School

A Source Book

Edited by Douglas Gerwin


NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page.


In 1995 a conference was held. High school educators from all over North America gathered in Minneapolis to discuss everything they could think that needed consideration when contemplating the formation of a Waldorf High School. The results of this broad and exhaustive look at how a Waldorf high school works, meets the needs of adolescents, and fits into its community is Genesis of a Waldorf High School – 239 pages of information.


Part 1: Essays on Adolescence and the Waldorf High School

  • Education for Adolescents, Rudolf Steiner
  • The Waldorf High School: Keeping Ideals Intact, David Sloan
  • Waldorf High School Curriculum Guide, Douglas Gerwin
  • To Become a Teacher, Henry Barnes
  • Youth Longs to Know, John F. Gardner

Part 2: From the Proceedings of “Genesis of a Waldorf High School” Conference

  • Adolescents in the Nineties: What Do They Need, What Do They Want?, Betty Staley
  • Themes and Dreams of the Waldorf High School, Douglas Gerwin
  • Genesis of a Waldorf High School: Case Studies
  • Starting a Waldorf High School: Seven Questions in Three Phases
  • Questions Relating to the Five Aspects of “The Temple”
  • Sample Budget Outline for a Waldorf High School (Grades 9 and 10)
  • The Social Life of the Teenager
  • Gestures of Elementary and High School Years, Betty Staley
  • High School Teacher Education, Betty Staley and Douglas Gerwin
  • Countdown for a New High School, Hans-Joachim Mattke
  • Closing Image, Douglas Gerwin

Part 3: Curriculum Materials

  • Introduction
  • Sample Main Lesson Schedules
  • Sample Course Descriptions
  • Sample Senior Project Outline

Part 4: Bibliography and Reading Lists

  • Readings for Mentor Seminar
  • Supplementary Bibliography: Adolescence and Society
  • Sample Reading Lists (Grades 9-12)
  • Sample Summer Reading Forms

Part 5: High School Administration

  • Introduction and Notes, Douglas Gerwin

Part 6: Directory of Waldorf High School Initiatives and Teacher Education

  • List of Waldorf High Schools in North America
  • List of North American Waldorf Schools that have announced plans to open a high school by 1998
  • List of Waldorf High School Teacher Training Programs


Part 7: Appendices

  • High School Admissions and Foreign Exchanges
  • Waldorf High School Profiles for College Applicants
  • Waldorf School Testimonials
  • Miscellaneous Permission Forms
  • Job Descriptions for Class Sponsor and Student Advisor
  • Sample High School Handbook

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page (scroll down to find them).

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