Gazing into the Eyes of the Future

The Enactment of Saint Nicholas in the Waldorf School

David Tresemer

with contributions from Doal Samson and David Mitchell

Softbound booklet


David Tresemer has given us a beautiful and thoughtful consideration of the Festival of St. Nicholas as it is enacted in Waldorf schools. I’ve always loved this festival and have seen how much it means to the children (of all ages) when it is enacted for them with sincerity and understanding. It is as thought the original gift of St. Nicholas were passed along to all of them, imbuing the walnuts and fruit with the gold that is love. In this little book, Tresemer captures it all.

The Table of Contents:

  • Gazing into the Eyes of the Future
  • The Light in the Eyes
  • The History of Saint Nicholas
  • Responses of the Various Grades
  • St. Nicholas in High School and the Gift of Fruit and Nuts
  • Rupert, the Dark Side, and the Demonstration of Karma
  • A Final Comment from Nicholas
  • The Teacher’s Perspective by Donald Samson
  • Nicholas and Rupert – a Story Told by David Mitchell

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