The Falconer

A Story of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen

Christopher Sblendorio


Federico II was a fascinating man in whom it seems that much of the Middle Ages, its greatness and its turmoil, were gathered up into one person. Christopher Sblendorio, a class teacher at the Great Barrington Waldorf School, has written this beautiful biography of the man who became the Holy Roman Emperor during the early 13th Century. It is frankly all too rare to find a book for students that is so very well researched and equally well written as is The Falconer.

Splendorio’s biography does what every biography should do: it approaches its subject with what I’ll call a compassionate objectivity that looks at as many facets of the life that was lived as are possible to know about. The story moves along like an exciting novel, the portrait of Federico becoming richer and more alive with each turn of the page.

This wonderful book could be read and enjoyed by anyone ages 11-12 and older. It was written with the author’s 6th grade class in mind.

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