Colloquium on World History

Symptomatology and Shifts in the Evolution of Consciousness

AWSNA High School Research Project



With the goal of exploring a symptomatological approach to teaching World History in Waldorf high schools, eight members of the Waldorf High School Research project gathered to present papers and discuss viewpoints, approaches and ideas. The results of this meeting held in March of 2000 are presented in this books and offer much food for thought and inspiration for teaching.


  • Waldorf High School Research Project – Descriptin and Mission Statement
  • Introduction to Teaching History in a Waldorf High School
  • Introduction to the Colloquium on World History
  • The Symptomatological Approach in the Teaching of History
  • Four Goals of the Colloquium
  • The Role of Humanities in Waldorf High Schools: Thoughts from Colloquium Members
  • Teaching Ancient History in the Tenth Grade: Exploring Egypt through Symptoms: A Vignette – Eric Philpott
  • thoughts by the Participants Following the Presentation on Ancient History
  • Jan Hus: A Vignette – Eric Philpott
  • What is Modern? – Karl Fredrickson
  • The Printing Press as Symptom of Change of Relationship between the Individual and Outer Authority: A Vignette – Betty Staley
  • A Conversation about the Consciousness Soul and the History of Reading
  • A Conversation on the Teacher’s Role Concerning Contemporary Issues
  • The Middle Ages and the Advent of the New Mysteries: Medieval English – John Wulsin
  • Thoughts about Symptoms and Examples: Karl Fredrickson
  • Thoughts and Symptoms: Anne Greer
  • Symptoms: David Sloan, John Wulsin, Betty Staley, Douglas Gerwin
  • Appendices:
    • History by Eugen Kolisko
    • What Is History About? by A. C. Harwood
    • History Bibliography

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