Basic Sculptural Modeling

Developing the Will by Working with Pure Forms in the First Three Grades

Hella Loewe



Hella Loewe has developed an approach to modeling that could be called “form drawing in three dimensions” – and, we think it is just exactly what our modern children need. It is also, from our own research and from hers, very much what Steiner was hoping children in grades 1-3 would be taught.

In this wonderfully illustrated book, Loewe takes us step-by-step through modelling exercises beginning with the sphere and moving into other symmetrical and non-symmetrical. The tasks are simple, yet absorbing, and training the hands and eyes to work together as they engage a child’s attention, training it to sustain interest over longer and longer periods of time.

And, if that isn’t what today’s children need, I don’t know what it might be. Loewe’s approach is like a breath of fresh, reviving air – may it find its way into homes and schools everywhere!

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