Adventures in Parenting

a support guide for parents

Rachel C Ross


Adventures in Parenting is such a lovely book. It is like having a wise grandmother at hand, one who answers so many of the perplexing questions that young parents find themselves puzzling over as they raise their children.

Rachel Ross beautifully discusses the joys and concerns almost all new parents experience and goes on to discuss everything from parenting styles and the patterning we carry from our own parents to discipline and boundaries, developmental issues, and how to create a home that fully nurtures your children while it also nurtures you.

I want to add that her section on developmental issues is brilliant (Rachel is an remedial movement/eurythmy teacher). Her list of difficulties and solutions is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in print – I think if this were the only thing in the book, it would still be a treasure of priceless worth and will be comforting and liberating to parents everywhere.

  1. I agree with the above review. I was just sent this book and have been a Waldorf Early Childhood teacher for almost 10 years. I feel as though Rachel very clearly summarizes key aspects of Waldorf Early Childhood and is a comprehensive resource for those looking to understand the orientation of this type of lifestyle and parenting as a precursor for Waldorf later schooling. I too, greatly appreciated the way in which she discussed challenges presented in the four lower senses and key points in working with these aspects. As a first time mother in Waldorf Education, I too felt challenged and was often met with sympathetic and well intentioned support looking towards ‘Karmic’ influences that rarely provided relief other than in the moment. In her book, Rachel, is compassionate and honest about parent’s individual biographies and challenges and offers many, many practical and important points with regards to setting up and creating a strong foundation for family life with young children. Thank you offering this wonderful title. I would highly recommend to all of my parents and families, as well as any others beginning the parenting journey and looking to learn more about how Waldorf too, is oriented.