From Abdera to Copenhagen

Keith Francis

Studies in the evolution of atomic sciene with anthroposophical undertones

Book 1 - The Immutable Atom (600 BC·1880AD)



This book is for those who like to know about the origins, the evolution and the present state of the theories on which most current interpretations of the physical world and human consciousness rest, and to see how these things are related to spiritual scientific knowledge of human evolution. The author raises interesting questions, such as: why do people believe in atoms in the first place; why have ideas about the smallest particles of some sort been part of human consciousness for the past 2,500 years; what was going on in the twenty-four centuries that elapsed before any clear ideas about the internal structure of the atom appeared, and how is the evolution of atomism connected with the evolution of human consciousness.

Contents include:

  • Greece, 500 BC, The Philosophical Atom;
  • A Short Cut to Newton;
  • The Mechanical Atom;
  • The Attractive Atom;
  • The Egyptian Art;
  • Fire in Europe; The Chemical Atom;
  • The Periodic Table·Metamorphoses Among the Elements;
  • Back to Newton;
  • The Optical Atom;
  • Goethe vs. Newton;
  • and much more.

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