Practical Approach 1

Star Journals One - Toward a New Astrosophy

Willi Sucher



The first of three books containing nine years of monthly periodicals. This volume contains the monthly Star Journals published from August 1965 to May 1968. The first 14 issues were first republished in a booklet called Star Journals in 1986. Also included are perspectives of both the geocentric and heliocentric views and the progression of Saturn through the constellations.


In the many years of astrological investigation, we have come to the conclusion that, unless definite and precise questions are formulated, a chart can become a veritable ocean of facts in which the mind of the investigator can easily be drowned and lose all capacity of useful interpretation. An incarnation asterogram is a part of the great cosmos; it cannot possibly be exhausted by the human mind. But we can approach it with well-formulated questions and problems and expect relevant and productive answers.

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