Winter, Awake!

Written by Linda Kroll

Illustrated by Ruth Liebrherr



This new children’s book is cause for hope – that lusciously illustrated, beautifully told childrens stories are being created! In this story, it is the last of fall’s days. The trees and animals and insects all know it is time for Winter to awake – and they all are becoming impatient. They need their rest and can’t get it until King Winter wakes once more.

Told in delightful rhyme amid color-filled, wonder-filled paintings – this new fairy tale is almost too good to be true. Children ages 4 and up will love to listen to this story and gaze at the pictures.

The tired trees had had enough
They cried and creaked in groaning gusts;
With lashing limbs they swayed and thrashed,
“Oh, Winter, wake with icy blast!
We need a rest! We must prepare
To bloom and grow afresh next year.
This season’s done! Our leaves are lost;
Our branches bare. Bring on the frost!”
Wail and whoosh! the tree tossed.
Wail and whoosh!
But Winter would not wake.

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