Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine – Vol 1

An Outline of a Spiritual Scientifically Oriented Medicine

Original edition by Friedrich Husemann

Newly edited and revised by Otto Wolff



NOTE: Unfortunately, this book is unfortunately out of print and no longer available.

The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine explores the body’s relationship to soul and spirit on the basis of Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the activities of the spiritual world. Edited by doctors Friedrich Husemann and Otto Wolff, this book invites us to an in-depth view of a true alternative to materialistically oriented medicine.

Chapters include essays on childhood development and diseases; the disorders of old age; neuroses and psychological imbalances; pharmacology; healing plants; biochemistry and pathology; blood-work; and special diagnostic techniques.

This first of a multi-volume series is an invaluable tool to all who want to extend the practice of medicine to include the whole human being.

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