King of Ireland’s Son – Pied Piper Edition

Padraic Colum

Charming line art illustrations by Willy Pogany



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Reg Down, author of Tiptoes Lightly, has edited, endnoted and annotated this edition especially with teachers and the North American reader in mind. This book is a standard item in the Waldorf school curriculum because of its depth and appropriateness for children in second grade. All those wonderful Celtic and Irish names have endnotes on how they are pronounced and, if possible, their meaning. Also included are the many points of literary and cultural interest so easily bypassed but which add layers of depth, meaning and often sly humor to the story. Reg Down has newly typeset the book, added a map covering the geography of the story and included a brief biography of the master storyteller himself.

The King of Ireland’s Son is without doubt the best of Padraic Colum’s children’s books. Originally published in 1916, this classic has stood the test of time and remains one of the greatest set of tales ever. These are no stories told by an academic or scholar, but rousing, living tales recounted from Colum’s own childhood in Ireland. There, as a boy, he heard firsthand the myths and sagas, folk and fairy tales from itinerant storytellers who wandered the roads and told their stories in exchange for a roof over their heads and a bite to eat. He was a witness to the last generation of a long tradition stretching far back into the mists of time. Colum won awards and recognition aplenty for his work in his adopted country, the United States, and for the whole of his long life he carried on the storyteller’s tradition. Even now, though he is long gone from us, his voice still sounds fresh and clear and full of life through the written text.

Willy Pogany, a Hungarian artist, was a contemporary of Colum. He illustrated this volume with a wonderful sense of artistic fantasy and playfulness.

6″ x 9″, 254 pp.

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