Understand Your Temperament!

A Guide to the Four Temperaments

Dr. Gilbert Childs



Childs give us a refreshing treatment of the ancient doctrine of the four temperaments: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic. Dr. Childs shows us how to recognize the temperaments in ourselves and others, and how to understand their working in our behavior. he investigates in depth the origins and manifestations of the temperaments in both their psychological and physiological aspects.

Included are fascinating discussions of the relationships between adults of various temperaments and matters of compatibility in partnership, family, and workplace situations. There is also a section dealing with the temperaments of children, which includes helpful advice on how to help them in terms of attributes of behavior.

  1. Child’s book is very easy to read. The guidelines for each of the temperaments are clearly laid out, with positives, negatives, and physical characteristics that go along with each type. Of even more interest was the depictions of how certain types of temperaments will rise to the surface during the different stages of a person’s life; i.e., children have sanguine characteristics due to their intense curiosity. Some interrelationship notations are offered as well, between types.