Uan the Little Lamb

Sandra Klaassen

Hardbound, large format


A really sweet story set in the Outer Hebrides, a location beloved for its knitting and for its rough natural beauty. The colors of Klaassen’s paintings reflect perfectly the Northern Maritime sky and bracing weather. Just a delight to share with children!

The story:

On a remote Scottish island, two children find an abandoned lamb and take her home. They name her Uan, “little lamb” in Gaelic.

As Uan grows up, the children love playing with her, and they take her with them wherever they go. But what will happen when she becomes a full-grown sheep?

In this charming story told through the eyes of two young children, Sandra Klaassen depicts the landscape of the Outer Hebrides in drawings that brim with life and her love of the land and the people.

(Ages 4–6)

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