Our Twelve Senses

Wellsprings of the Soul

Albert Soesman

Translated by Jakob Cornelis


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This is a fascinating book. Albert Soesman is an anthroposophical doctor in Holland who offers workshops on the senses. His lively approach leaves the reader little choice but to become fired with enthusiasm for learning to understand the work of the twelve sense. A note here: Most of us are much more familiar with the concept of the “five senses,” but few of us know that it is only very recently that it was more or less codified that five was the “correct” number of human senses. In the earlier parts of this century, scientists concerned with such things wrote wonderful discourses about the existence of five, seven, nine, and eleven senses, depending upon their viewpoint. Steiner’s own initial viewpoint was that there were ten physical senses plus three supersensible ones. Because this discussion was not yet frozen in codified convention, he was able to further refine his observations and ultimately arrived at twelve senses as most accurately descriptive of human perceptive capacity. We hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we have.

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