The Troll of Tree Hill

Judy Large

Illustrated by Thomas Nelson

Softbound, large format


Judy Large’s Troll of Tree Hill is a great addition to the world of children’s literature. Taking up an unusual theme – that of a Troll who doesn’t like humans (many don’t, we learn) yet finds his homeland “invaded” – Large does something that children’s books used to do more often: she tells a long story. This richly illustrated story (Thomas Nelson’s black and white half-tones both beautiful and abundant) is one that will captivate children and parents for days and days, keeping everyone waiting to discover what the troll will do next, how will the people respond. All the while, you’ll find your heart opening to this little grumpy fellow. My prediction is that this is a storybook you’ll often pull off the shelf to tell “one more time.” A true gift for children ages 8 to 108 (or more).

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