The Tomten & the Fox

Adapted by Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Harald Wiberg



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This sweet, wonderful continuation of the story of the Tomten finds the Tomten not just watching over the farm, but protecting it. A hungry fox has crept into the farmyard, hoping to steal a chicken or two. None of the human beings know the fox is there . . . but the Tomten knows. In keeping the fox out of the henhouse, the Tomten shows that the best protection is compassion and kindness. He meets the fox with straightforward honesty, “You know that you’re not allowed to steal our hens, don’t you, Mr. Fox?”, but also sees how hungry the fox is on this cold night and offers Mr. Fox some of his own porridge (left for the Tomten each night by the farm children). No longer hungry, the fox heads back to its den and the farm is safe for another night.

This is a love of a book! Ages 3-8 – and all adults!

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