Ancient Mythologies

India - Persia - Babylon - Egypt

Charles Kovacs



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Yet another gift to teachers, parents and students from Charles Kovacs!

Stories of gods and demons, noble heroes and epic adventures from the world’s great myths and legends, retold for children. Through colorful characters such as Buddha, Krishna, Zarathustra, Gilgamesh, Isis and Osiris, mankind’s development from hunters of wild animals to builders of magnificent cities and the great pyramids springs to life. Beyond the historical narrative the stories reveal an ancient wisdom: the timeless source and substance out of which all myths and legends are woven.

Charles Kovacs told these stories to his Grade 5 students when he taught at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School. Although he intended them as source material for teachers and parents of Waldorf School Children, the stories have a universal appeal for children and adults, beginning at about age 9.

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