Ancient Mythology

India, Persia, Babylon and Egypt

written and illustrated by Donna Simmons

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Spiral Bound


The Ancient Mythology main lesson taught to all fifth grade classes in all Waldorf schools around the world is an opportunity to allow a child to experience himself as a member of the human race who shares a past with the rest of humanity. At the threshold of puberty, the eleven-year-old child is beginning to be aware of himself as an “I”, with all the freedoms and responsibilities that this entails. The development of a sense of “I” and of freedom is the main theme which one can trace through these successive cultural epochs which Rudolf Steiner identified as the Ancient Indian, Ancient Persia and Eqypto-Chaldean. The development of human consciousness toward freedom continues into the Greco-Roman epoch and then into modern times.

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