Start Now

a book of soul and spiritual exercises

Rudolf Steiner

Edited and introduced by Christopher Bamford



Start Now!, in my opinion, will become one of the most well-worn and well-loved handbooks on the shelves and in the hands of those committed to spiritual development. It contains every essential exercise and meditation by Steiner that I’ve ever encountered — in fresh, well-edited English. This includes the Calendar of the Soul, the Foundation Stone Meditation, and the Rose Cross Meditation, as well as the Six Essential Exercises and the Retrospection exercise. I’ve looked hard and must say that I find nothing missing — and much that I didn’t think of but that clearly belongs in the forefront of modern awareness.

Start Now! offers the most extensive collection available of Steiner·s spiritual instructions and practices, including meditation instructions; mantric verses; daily, weekly, and monthly practices for developing one·s soul qualities; karmic exercises and meditations for working with the dead, with the angelic hierarchies, and with our guardian angels.


  • Introduction by Christopher Bamford (background and context)
  • Prologue · Framing the Work (including Steiner·s early ·Credo·)
  • Meditation Instructions and Explanations
  • The Way of Thinking
  • The Way of Reverence & Its Fruits
  • Developing the Chakras, or ·Lotus Flowers·
  • Six Essential Exercises
  • The Backward Review, or ·Retrospect·
  • Living the Year Spiritually (including the complete ·Calendar of the Soul·)
  • Meditations from the Esoteric School
  • The Rosicrucian Path
  • The Christian-Gnostic Path
  • Working with the Dead
  • The Foundation Stone Meditation
  • Meeting the Guardians
  • Bibliography & Further Reading

This is one of those rare books that I would place in the “must have” category. A lifetime of joy and discovery!

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