Sound Sleep

Calming and helping your baby or child to sleep

Sarah Woodhouse



I just love this book – it is so wise and so warm! And, it addresses the different sleep concerns that a parent might encounter with different aged children. Truly a beautiful work from a warm soul.

This well-researched guide is for parents with babies, toddles or older children. There are useful insights, inspiring stories, handy checklists and a variety of easy to use methods for you to draw on as needed. Woodhouse offers practical tips for:

  • soothing your new baby to sleep with touch, warmth and settling routines
  • understanding crying and screaming – so you can cope and know what to do
  • using timed settling for getting older babies into the habit of sleeping through the night
  • tackling toddlers’ and older children’s sleep problems
  • contacts, information and finding support

The author is commited to the reality that every baby and every parent is different – and that we all change from one time to the next. Her advice: choose what works for you – and get a good night’s sleep!

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