Simon’s Challenge

Theresa Breslin



All that Simon really wants is a computer. However, with his father away looking for work and a new baby in the house, money is tight.

One evening on his way home, Simon passes Mr Peterson’s computer shop. Everything seems normal. But when the police start asking questions, Simon realizes that he may have witnessed a major burglary. The only problem is that he can’t remember any details.

This is an exciting detective story, with realistic characters and a gripping plot.

Ages 10-14

Ideal for top primary or early secondary, the novel covers a number of contemporary themes: redundancy, and the related poverty it causes; a threatened marriage breakdown; sibling relationships and the parents’ expectations of the elder sibling; crime and retribution/reward. Breslin’s style is contemporary and streetwise without being easily dated, and her characters ring very true to life.

—Treasure Island: A guide to Scottish fiction for young readers aged 10–14, summer 2003

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