Selected Lectures

Rudolf Steiner



At the heart of Rudolf Steiner·s spiritual philosophy is an esoteric path of inner development that can lead to true self-transformation.

The lectures included are some of Steiner’s best and cover what I believe is the full range of his suggestions for inner development:


  • The Path of Knowledge and Its Stages: The Rosicrucian Spiritual Path
  • Three Paths of Practice
  • Oriental and Christian Training
  • Rosicrucian Training and Mysteries of the Earth
  • The Ancient Yoga Civilization and the Michael Civilization of the Future
  • The Way of Inner Development
  • Practical Training in Thought
  • Occult Science and Occult Development
  • The Three Decisions on the Path of Imaginative Cognition
  • Beyond the Sphere of Scientific Knowledge
  • Anthroposophy and Psychology
  • Sense-free Perception

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