The Seer’s Handbook

A Guide to Higher Perception

Dennis Klocek



The Seer’s Handbook is the heart-gift of a man who has lived what he writes about. It is a beautiful thing to see a friend stay the course and arrive where he sought to go so many years ago. And then, for Dennis to share his journeys with us, giving us a map to places seldom travelled – my heart warms just thinking about this gift he brings us.

Dennis marries the wisdom of the alchemists with Steiner’s Western path of initiation, then shows us how we can awaken our soul to become an organ of perception that will unveil worlds that stretch beyond the confines of space and time. He gives us exercises, meditaitons, insights and a few cautions — in truth, he extends a hand for us to grasp as we move along a new path with eyes not yet adjusted to the qualities of cosmic light.

This book is a joy and a beautiful guide to spiritual reality. If seeking is your heart’s delight, you could do no better than to carry a copy of The Seer’s Handbook on your journey.

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