The Age of Revolution

Charles Kovacs

An overview of world history from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, including the French, American and Industrial Revolutions

A teacher resource for Grade 8 history within Waldorf education



Kovacs chooses pertinent stories which create a tapestry showing the development of humankind from medieval times, when every person had their place in the hierarchy of society, to the awakening of individuality in modern times.

My original training was in history, particularly this period of history, and in my opinion these portraits Kovacs paints of the key events and people of those times are masterful. He captures not only the elements at play which have formed our own present day, but breathes life into them so that the players can be seen as also human, both heroically and in their frailty. Students and teachers will love these tales — and learn an enormous amount about the history of this period.

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