Making Peg Dolls & More

Margaret Bloom


Numerous full-color photographs throughout.


Based on the success of her first book, Making Peg Dolls, Margaret Bloom’s new book introduces us to a range of projects to keep little (as well as the not-so-little) hands busy. From simple peg doll necklaces, moving mobiles and fantastical flying creatures, to pin cushions, herbal dream pillows and nature gathering bags, this series of delightful craft projects will bring together and inspire all the family in the act of making as well as playing and living creatively.

Inside you will find:

  1. 15 designs and patterns for toys and crafts to engage children in the process of making, playing and storytelling
  2. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for experienced and novice crafters alike
  3. Full colour illustrations and beautiful photography throughout
  4. A range of family-friendly projects, some to complete within an hour, others to fill a long weekend

Absolutely delightful and fun for all ages! Highly recommended!

You can find peg dolls like those used in the book from our friends a

176 pages, 8 1/4″ x 7 7/8″, 2014

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