Quest for Kelpie

Frances Mary Hendry

Winner of the first BBC “Quest for a Kelpie” prize.



Winner of the first BBC “Quest for a Kelpie” prize.

It is 1745, and young Jeannie Main is a tough fisher lass in Nairn in northeast Scotland, where she lives a simple, quiet life—until a gypsy warns her of a greater fate than she ever dreamed. Jeannie Main, a poor working girl, would decide the fate of two kings.

As she tries to come to terms with her destiny, Jeannie is plunged into adventure and danger that could determine the future of her country. One final test remains—risking her life by riding the Kelpie, the most feared monster in all of Scotland.

Quest for a Kelpie is a fast-moving, thrilling story that takes place at a crucial moment in Scotland’s history.

(Ages 9-12)

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