Puppet Theatre

Maija Baric'

Illustrated by Kristiina Louhi



This is just such a charming, happy book! Maija Baric’ opens up the world of puppetry to young children and adults in ways that will make you smile and will lead you and your children on and on into the worlds you can create on a tabletop. Her puppet “recipes” range from those that are so simple a kindergarten child can make them to puppets that will require a kindly adult to bring them to life. Likewise, the staging: from the very simplest intended for the children to create themselves , to more complex stages for adults to use for the children’s enjoyment.

I love the way all the instructions are illustrated with colorful drawings which somehow all manage to evoke warmth and love. Maija Baric’s instructions follow the drawings to their conclusion as storybook characters and more, and are peppered with good advice all along the way.

Altogether a wonderful book for families, teachers and adults with exuberant inner children!

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