The Power of Stories

Nurturing Children's Imagination and Consciousness

Horst Kornberger



I knew Horst Kornberger about 20 years ago (though it is hard to imagine that so much time has intervened) – I found him to be one of the most powerfully creative people I had ever met. His humor and balance were met with extraordinary vision and a capacity to manifest that vision within a cloak of remarkable beauty. He remains the sole painter of my experience whose work is truly inspired by personal insight nurtured by anthroposophy, as distinct from works inspired by Steiner’s lectures on, say, color. His paintings always took my breath away.

That being said, his book The Power of Stories also takes my breath away – it is drenched with the same artistic insight and warm understanding that I best remember Horst as offering to everyone he met. It is beautiful, it is inspiring, it is elucidating. You’ll find yourself in a world of images and passageways, in the world of young children and deep imaginations, in the world of your favorite stories. Through his text, you’ll also find yourself understanding within yourself how it is that stories heal and move us forward as human beings.

This is an amazing book – one which will remain a gift to children and the world for years and years and years.

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