Seven Steps to Eternity

The True Story of One Man's Journey into the Afterlife

As Told to 'Psychic Surgeon' Stephen Turoff



“I died in the Battle of the Somme.” These astonishing words were addressed to clairvoyant and healer Stephen Turoff by the soul of James Legett, a young casualty of the First World War. For two years the author communicated with the soldier’s soul and recorded his remarkable story about his battlefield death in France adn his subsequent journey into the afterlife. Their collaboration involved an unusual method: Legett presented spiritual pictures to Turoff, who interpreted them through clairvoyant perceptions into words. The result is an enlightening testimony to life beyond the illusion of death. It shows that we are all eternal – there is no death, only change.

Stephen Turoff, born in 1947, is among today’s most respect healers. As a psychic surgeon, he receives dozens of patients each day at the Danbury Healing Clinic in Chelmsford. his work takes him to Israel and throughout Europe. He lives with his wife in England.

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