Pancakes for Findus

Sven Nordquist

Hardbound, Large Format


Farmer Pettson was a little odd – or at least that’s what his neighbors said. But he went about his life happily, working on his farm and enjoying the company of his cat, Findus.

Findus had three birthdays each year – because it was much more fun that way. And on every birthday, Farmer Pettson made Findus a big stack of pancakes.

But one birthday, it seemed to Findus that he was never going to get his pancakes – first Pettson had to find some eggs and clean them, then he had to fix a punctured bicycle tire, then find his keys and distract a bull. When all this was done, he then had to bike all the way into town for some flour. Findus was getting pretty tired of waiting . . . and then the fun began in earnest!


Ages 4-8.

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