Twelve Aspects of Michael

Contrasted by their Counter-images

Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg

Illustrated by David Newbatt

Hardbound, Dust-jacketed


Both the lecture by Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg and the illustrations by David Newbatt are inspiring and elucidating – the sort of material in word and color that you’ll find yourself mulling over for years to come. In an unexpected way, they are also extremely practical, pointing silently, almost invisibly at how we, with our very frail human nature, can find ways to live in the world with more love, guided by more light.

Most people are familiar with an image of St Michael and the Dragon. In this book Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg with words, and David Newbatt with images, explore other attributes of St Michael, in such a way that they reveal a twelve-fold balance of key noble qualities that the human being can strive for.

Along with these virtures is also described, in contrast, the all too recognisable failings of human nature, which have to be recognised and understood before they can be overcome.

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