The Myth of the Nativity

The Virgin Birth Re-examined

Andrew Welburn

Hardbound. Dust jacketed.


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The conception and birth of Jesus is one of the most mysterious and challenging stories in the Gospels, surrounded by many signs and miracles.  Is it possible to understand the Virgin Birth in a light that is both true to its origins and meaningful to our times?

In this carefully considered study, Andrew Welburn says that we must reimagine the events of the Virgin Birth through the eyes of the Gospel writers.  He explores many parallel stories and prototype characters, drawn from Jewish, Persian, Egyptian and Roman sources, which could have been known by them.  Stories of unusual children with mysterious parenthood have, in fact, long inspired human beliefs and storytelling — an awareness often lost to modern orthodox Christianity.

Welburn concludes that the Virgin Birth is part of a greater story, a synthesis of many traditions, and stands for, above all, a promise of spiritual rebirth.  This book is for anyone interested in the origins and future of the Christian faith.

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