More Magic Wool

Creating Figures and Pictures with Dyed Wool

Angelika Wolk-Gerche



When Magic Wool first appeared, I thought, “It just doesn’t get any better than this!” Now we have More Magic Wool and I have to say, “It may not get better, but the journey can certainly unfold in wondrous ways!”

The scenes that have been created in this book are so enticing, so imagination-inspiring that, frankly, I just wanted to jump into the page and meet the little people who lived there. I think your children will want to do that, too. More Magic Wool picks up where Magic Wool left off, adding little hand dolls, three-dimensional landscapes, gnome caves, and much, much more into the captivating mix. There’s a goodly dash of practicality, too, as the author shows you how to card and dye and make beautiful wool ready (and willing!) for your projects.

Here is a craft that will be as nurturing to the heart of the adult as it is for the child for whom these wonders are created. The possibilities are without end – the beauty beyond compare!

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