The Mission of the Folk-Souls in Relation to Teutonic Mythology

Eleven lectures by Rudolf Steine



According to Steiner’s spiritual teachings, each “folk”—each race or ethnic group—has a kind of over-soul that interacts with those people, lending them unique characteristics that affect the karma and destiny of tribes, races, and nations. These lectures explore the nature and activities of the various folk souls, their influences, and their meaning in the modern world.

  1. After twenty years of struggling to understand the role of capitalism and how to relate to it, I finally stumbled across the answer in this book.

    Highly recommended as a guide for the perplexed. Especially important for English-speakers like myself to understand the proper role and responsibilities of the English-speaking world and how culture and civilisation advances.

    The global role of the Chinese becomes more understandable with the insights given in this book.

    The book’s title is a little misleading in a sense because the book is about eminently practical matters, particularly in the age of globalisation.

    People who enjoy this book will love Rudolf Steiner’s “Karma of Untruthfulness,” (two volumes), which is an astonishing series of lectures given a hundred years ago but which are directly relevant to the present day and go a long way to explaining 9-11.