The Miracle in Bethlehem

A Storyteller's Tale

Sarah Burton



Once upon a time, perhaps two thousand years ago, or maybe only yesterday, a man stood under a tree and waited. As he waited, people began to arrive: old people, young people, children, parents with babies, and even a couple of dogs. They settled on the cool grass under the shade of the great tree, all around the Storyteller, for that is who the man was. Once a year, everyone gathered round to hear him tell this story.

The storyteller’s tale is one we all think we know—the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of a very special baby. However, do we really know it? The Miracle in Bethlehem offers a unique retelling that weaves largely forgotten, ancient nativity legends into today’s more familiar narrative.

The short chapters make it ideal for nightly Advent or Holy Nights readings or for bedtime stories. Children will rediscover the wonder and sparkle of this great story by hearing it anew from some less familiar perspectives. Parents, too, will find it moving and surprising, hearing the traditional narrative through fresh ears.

(Ages 6–9)

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