An Introductory Reader

Rudolf Steiner

Original texts compiled with an introduction, commentary and notes by Andrew Maendl



This a small book that is nonetheless potent with an excellent selection of Steiner’s key lectures and essays on the topic of the medical arts. If you are looking for a readable  overview of the basic tenants of anthroposophical medicine, you’ve found your book.

Topics include:

  • true human nature as a basis for medical practice;
  • the science of knowing;
  • the mission of reverence;
  • the four temperaments;
  • the bridge between universal spirituality and the physical;
  • the constellation of the supersensible bodies;
  • the invisible human within us: the pathology underlying therapy;
  • cancer and mistletoe, and aspects of psychiatry;
  • case history questions: diagnosis and therapy;
  • anthroposophic medicine in practice: and three case histories.

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