Manifestations of Karma

Eleven Lectures by Rudolf Steiner


Manifestations of Karma is probably my favorite of Steiner’s books about the nature of karma and reincarnation. I suspect that part of my attraction has to do with the fact that it was one of the first books by Steiner that I read on the subject, and the very newness of his approach left an indelible memory tinged with excitement. But there is a unique aspect of its content that I treasure – namely, it is here that Steiner lays out a picture of how one life lays the framework for the next, but that the next life does not appear (manifest) as a logical, linear, mechanical outcome of previous incarnations. No, the results of a previous life’s activity and attitudes appears in the next life as a metamorphosed new creation. It will not look the same, it will not look like the lifestyle equivalent of Newtons Third Law. It is much more beautiful, and speaks with much more depth about the nature of morality and the moral direction of the Universe. And about growth and development – ours and the Earth’s.

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