Making Waldorf Dolls

Maricristin Sealey

A revised and retitled edition of the beloved Kinder Dolls



Since The Doll Book went out-of-print many years ago, I have been searching and hoping for either a reprint or a book that could genuinely take its place. This is that book – and it is a gem to be treasured!

Maricristin Sealey is a professional dollmaker who is able to convey her techniques both clearly and with a full heart for the world of childhood. Making Waldorf Dolls shows how to create – with love – handcrafted dolls from natural materials. The ten different dolls include soft, baggy, pouch, angel, sack and limbed dolls – all of them sure to be loved by both children and the adults who make them. These dolls are old favorites, happy companions of children and beloved residents of Waldorf kindergartens.

And there’s more – in addition to the ten doll types that are so fully described, you’l also find clear suggestions for colorful and pretty ways to make dolls’ hair, twelve basic clothes patterns with variations, help with tools, techniques and materials, safety guidelines, recycling tips and resources.

There is no better gift to a child than a doll made just for him or her with love. This book promises to bring many such gifts to our children. Outstanding!

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