Making a Family Home

Shannon Honeybloom

Photographs by Skip Hunt



Making a Family Home is a book of real beauty, one both personal and universal. In describing her home and family life, Shannon Honeybloom shows how she made—and how we can make—a house into a real home as she shares her own efforts, hopes, and lessons in making a safe and healthy home that provides warmth and intimacy for the whole family.

One small cautionary note from my own life: the author’s home is beautiful and warm. It is also large and requires a level of prosperity that not all of us have when raising our children. I raised my children in homes that ranged from tiny houses to apartments (also tiny) to rental houses and at that time I might well have looked at the author’s home and decided that her suggestions were beyond my means.

I’d like to say clearly that although not everyone can live in such a house, we can all make such a home. It is not at all beyond the means of most parents to use whatever space they have in ways that nurture their children and their family life – and it is here that the author’s suggestions coupled with the beautiful photographs can be a real help. If you look to the detail and the spirit of what is being said, what emerges are hundreds of ways we can do little things that have large, heartwarming results. And believe me, your children will thrive in the midst of it.

I very highly recommend and applaud Shannon Honeybloom’s contribution to the health of families everywhere.

  1. If you were to combine the photography of Sunset magazine with the sensibility of Steiner philosophy, then you might get something closely approaching Honeybloom’s book. The photography is beautiful, and helps to inspire those of us who aren’t sure how to implement all of the ideas about environment and optimal use of a space into an actual vision of what could be done. For those who also have children with sensory issues, Honeybloom’s family experiences those, and she refers to the issue frequently within the context of the book. Overall, Making a Family Home is an inspiring book, with a fairly equal ratio of full-color photographs to text.