Annual Holiday Sale 2016

Thank you so much for being our customer! Before we give you the sales code, we have a favor to ask.

We’d like to do a better job, but we want to improve what matters to YOU. Will you please choose your favorites below?

The sales code is at the bottom of the page, but please complete the survey first. It’s completely anonymous, and a huge help for a little family-run business like ours.

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What would most improve your experience with us (choose up to 3)?

Thank you again for helping us better serve you in the coming year.

The sale code for 15% off everything, even clearance books, is HOLIDAY2016 — paste the code into your shopping cart for the discount!

Happy Holidays!!

  1. This was my first order with Waldorf Books and it was such a pleasure to be able to communicate with Angela and make changes to my shipping order without worrying about whether they had read my instructions. She emailed me personally and finalized my ordering with me, confirming it would arrive by Christmas. She also made wonderful suggestions when I decided to order one more book. I look forward to ordering more in the future!


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and taking the time to answer the survey, Jennifer. I really appreciate it!! ~Angela~


    2. I think your site is lovely. I found everything i wanted and was tempted by much more. The only think you might think about is a wishlist option for folks to us – to either bookmark or remember the books they like. Teachers could even send parents to look at their public wishlist pages – that might drive more people to you as well.

      Xo April

      Happy Holidays!


      1. Oh, thank you, April, that is a great idea! I am going to add it to the survey. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey and leave a comment, I really appreciate it. ~Angela~


      2. I love this site. The only thing that would help me is the addition of Military APO addresses like AE.


        1. Thank you, Debbie!! I will definitely talk to my tech guy about adding that!! ~Angela~


        2. Another lovely customer emailed me privately and commented that the site could be easier to navigate, and that there should be a children’s book tab. Another great idea, thank you! ~Angela~