Lara’s First Christmas

Alice O. Howell



The day I sat down to review this book, I felt as if I had been given a Christmas present — the kind that are wrapped in beautiful paper with big ribbons and then, when you open them, there inside the box is just what you’ve been hoping for. That’s how wonderful Lara’s First Christmas is — a warm, loving tale that everyone in your family is sure to want to hear each and every Christmas season. It will bring you warm-hearted smiles, giggles of delight, and tears that come from a place far within. In the end, you’ll know that life is a gift and that life is good – love indeed rules the world.

Lara and her parents are refugees, fleeing a country “in the East” on the eve of World War II. They find themselves marooned in an isolated little hotel in snowbound Norway. Left all alone, Lara finds two eccentric old English guests who teach her to ski. And she discovers deep love and wisdom from the grandfatherly carpenter Andreas, who teaches her that Christmas really is a universal event, open to every heart and every faith.

A warm, luminous story about the real meaning of Christmas—from the author of The Beejum Book.

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