The Logik of the Heart

The Organic Templates of Spiritual Writers, Rudolf Steiner, and the Philosophy of Freehood

Mark Riccio



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This book could have easily been titled: “how to think and write like Rudolf Steiner and other great spiritual authors.” Finally, a book that gives a clear explanation of the universality of Rudolf Steiner’s work for writers and educators!

Riccio outlines how authors such as Plato, some biblical authors, Neale Donald Walsch, Rudolf Steiner and others used an organic writing style called the “logik of the heart.” Readers are first led through some famous poems, prayers, and essays to see how the heart-logik has been applied in various genres.

Then, Riccio breaks down in diagram format Rudolf Steiner’s paragraphs and sentences, and one learns how to compose and write in one’s own heart-logik style. Steiner is treated as a model author of the heart logik, and he was the first person to use the heart-logik style consciously and very creatively, leaving a legacy of intricate forms and possibilities for future heart-thinkers.

The last part of the book has a miscellany of applications of the logik of the heart as regards education, Christian worship, and meditation – including ways of incorporating heart-logik into daily life. In the Appendix is a comprehensive study guide to the heart-logikal forms of the Philosophy of Freehood!

209 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 2016.

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