AHE News – Winter/Spring 2001 – Autism

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page.



  • President’s Message
  • A Letter on Autism and Vaccinations – Jane Bick
  • A Homeopathic View – Lauren Fox, MA
  • Bibliotherapy List – Joan Ingle
  • Work Arising Out of Anthroposophy – A report from a study group on Autism
  • . . . and then the stewardess says, “Welcome to Holland!” – What Is It Like to Raise a Child with a Disability?
  • Musings on Autism – Dr. Dee Coulter
  • Book Review: Autism – A Holistic Approach reviewed by Michele Pullen
  • Book Review: Views from Our Shoes revied by Joan Ingle
  • Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties – Kathryn Humphrey

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page (scroll down to find them).

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