Educating the Will

Michael Howard



Back in stock!! This newly reprinted edition has the same content as the original, but in a smaller, more manageable size.

Michael Howard penetrates the depth of Waldorf education’s unique process of educating the “will” in children. One of the most useful and fascinating aspects of his book is his thought-filled journey into the qualities and training of the “thinking-will” the “feeling will,” and the “comprehensive or common will.” His identification of different sculpture exercises as having to do with a particular type of will training opened doors of understanding for me, and I suspect will do the same for most readers. His final chapter offering practical exercises for application along with photo examples of projects is an added – and exciting – bonus. The projects include: indoor sandbox, form modeling, seed drawing, sand modeling, modeling human and animal forms, stone carving, wooden spoons and bowls, and platonic solids.

This is a masterful and highly practical exploration of what it means to educate the will, and of the qualities of will teachers and parents can help their children develop with sculptural activities. My hat is off to both author and publisher for producing such a useful book!

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