An Exercise for Karmic Insight

Rudolf Steiner

Originally published as part of Karmic Relationships, Vol. 2



There is the possibility of a comparatively quick maturing of insight into karmic relationships if, for a considerable time, we try patiently and with inner energy to picture, with greater and greater consciousness, an experience that would otherwise simply take its course without being grasped properly and fade away in the course of life.

Rudolf Steiner

In this unique lecture, Steiner presents an exercise one can practice for a better understanding of karma. He suggests using  the image of a single event in our life as content for meditation. He offers a detailed description and explains how, over several days and nights, the image becomes incorporated into our spiritual bodies. Eventually, the image, in a transformed state, reaches into the physical body, leading one to perceive a previous earthly life and the cause of the event pictured in meditation.

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