Karmic Relationships, Vol. 3

Rudolf Steiner



This third volume of lectures covers:

  • Intellectualism and the mood of soul which preceded it
  • Forces of karmic preparation in the cosmos
  • The connection between human life on earth and that which goes on in the cosmos
  • The two groups to be distinguished in the Anthroposophical Movement (a very important lecture!)
  • The common element in the soul-condition of the two groups in the first Christian centuries was a feeling, slight and delicate, between falling asleep and waking, of the spiritual working and weaving in nature
  • High places of knowledge, relics of the ancient mysteries, present until 7th-8th centuries AD
  • The manipulation of the intellect by the individual, personal man leads him to freedom of will
  • The previous Michael dominion, its cosmopolitan stamp and its aim
  • The Michael impulses are of a kind to enter deeply and intensely into the whole being of man including physical karma
  • The karmic impulses impelling a man toward the spiritual are summed up in all the experiences of pre-earthly life
  • The battle waged by the Schoolmen of the Dominican Order to uphold the personal immortality of the human being.

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