What Julianna Could See

Paul Margulies

Watercolor illustrations by Famke Zonneveld



Sometimes when we do small things, things just for a particular child, things only meant to stay within our own small family or circle of friends, sometimes these things have a greatness that bursts beyond the cozy place we have made for it. Then these things become a gift for everyone.

What Julianna Could See is one such small thing. Originally written by Paul Margulies for his daughter Julianna, it is now a glowing, colorful gateway to wonder for all children. And a delight to the adults to are allowed to share it!

Julianna will live in your heart and in the hearts of your children. The gentle rhymes and evocative paintings will spark any imagination as they wrap you and yours in the goodness that is our world.

Julianna could see

In the same field for hours

The wind in the trees

The sun in the flowers

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