Isabella’s Journey to the Centre

Francis Mougel

Illustrated by Lailan Morris

Hardbound, large format


An exquisite book, from the heart of Australia, speaking to the heart in all of us — Isabella’s Journey to the Centre begins as Isabella journeys to the center of Australia and meets an Old Person who has been waiting for her to arrive. The Old Person speaks to her, encircles her, then sends her on her way through the mountains to a kangaroo who listens with great interest as Isabella tells him all about the Old Person. The kangaroo leads Isabella on to her next destination, yet stays behind, watching — and as we follow Isabella we are led with her deeper and deeper into the dream which is true and revealing, both within us and all around us. Love simple pours out of the rocks and streams from the heavens on this journey whose images reflect our most human knowing.

This story is so lush with beauty and wisdom, so unique as a gift for children that it deserves a special place on the bookshelf and a quiet time to share it with the children you love. I think it is ideal for children ages 7 to 9, restoring for adults.

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